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Belgian Police Use DNA to Find Suspects in Brussels Airport Bombing

March 28, 2016

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Belgian investigators are currently analysing DNA from the bombing in a Brussels airport to link a connection to the Paris bombings. French authorities say that the DNA found on one of the bombers vests in the Brussels airport was also found on a vest from the Paris attacks, which killed 130 people in November 2015.

There were two blasts at about 8AM on March 22nd ripped through the Belgian city's main airport. An hour later, an explosion struck the subway station of Maelbeek, in the heart of Brussels. The attacks, claimed by ISIS and believed to have been carried out by five terrorists, killed 31 people and injured more than 300.

After explosions like these, the first step is to collect all the objects from the blast scene that could be associated with the attack, David Foran, the Director of the forensic science program at Michigan State University's School of Criminal Justice says. In the case of the Brussels attack, these likely included fragments of the explosive devices, screws and nails reportedly used as shrapnel, and the suitcases and luggage carts the suspects are shown pushing through the airport in security footage.

The second step is to bring all recovered objects to the lab and swab them to collect any traces of DNA that have survived the blast. This is where things get tricky: DNA can be damaged by heat.”DNA will burn, just like any part of your body can burn,” Foran says. “It doesn't like direct flame.”

DNA evidence recovered from explosive devices isn't usually high-quality. It mostly comes from fingerprints left by whoever handled the bombs and the containers, like suitcases and backpacks, where the devices were placed, Foran says. If investigators are able to zero in on a DNA sample, the last step is to enter it into a database to see whether it matches with existing DNA records.

With DNA evidence found at the Brussels airport, Belgian investigators identified Najim Laachraoui, a 24-year-old Belgian citizen born in Morocco, as one of the suspects. It's not clear how French and Belgian investigators had a record of his DNA in the first place. But it matched with DNA evidence found not only on suicide vests used in Paris, but also in two houses in Belgium.

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Drug Store Paternity Test, Are They Accurate?

April 6, 2016

DNA Testing 300x200 England's controversial talk show host Jeremy Kyle, of the The Jeremy Kyle Show, recently released a brand of at home paternity tests that are flying off the shelves. AlphaBioLabs in Warrington started selling the DIY kits through discount retail chain stores about 18 months ago and they have seen amazing sales figures.

Three thousand tests have been purchased over the last 18 months, and continue to be snapped up all over the country. AlphaBioLabs sells them for £5, which is about seven U.S dollars, and are available across the country. The tests claim to be 99.9% accurate, and results can be sent back within 24 hours, although you will have to pay nearly £100 ($140) for this service.

Managing director of AlphaBiolabs, David Thomas, said: “We were convinced that consumers wanted the option of being able to see the product and walk away with it in their basket. “These are not accredited to the high standard which the UK public want, so we want AlphaBiolabs to always strive to bring the fastest, most accurate DNA testing service available and fly the flag for UK.” The Liverpool firm behind the kit have recently invested a million pounds into analytical equipment, enabling them to lead the way in the industry.

According to the directions, you take a cotton swab and rub it inside the child’s mouth. That will provide enough DNA for the test. The man who may or may not be the father has to do the same. After you collect the DNA and send it in, it takes three to five days for the test to come back, and you go to a confidential Web site and get the results.

While the tests are believed to be accurate there are some reasons why women and couples may want to consult a professional laboratory for paternity tests, said Brad Imler, president of the American Pregnancy Association.

“There’s no risk of harm from a medical standpoint,” he said. “Although they’re not admissible in court. And, from an emotional standpoint, it’s a good idea to see a professional. It doesn’t have to be a doctor, but someone who is prepared to discuss the result with you if it comes back in a way you were not expecting.”

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Random Drug Testing Program in Missouri Schools

Oct. 3 2016

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Belton School District is the latest district in Missouri to start randomly testing its students for drugs. This policy was created by the district’s students who came up with the idea.

Under this policy, students with a permit to drive to school are now considered fair game to be randomly tested. Furthermore, any student in Grades 7-12 who is involved with an extracurricular activity would be required under this policy as well.

The school district provided the parents with letters discussing the policy during open enrollment.

Some parents were strongly on board with the decision, while others challenged the policy.

Many parents, interviewed were surprised that it was the district’s students that created and developed the idea.

Belton School District Superintendent Andy Underwood. Stated that “There was concern from students in meetings in regards to fellow students being addicted to drugs,”

This latest rollout will be in addition to 160 other school districts in Missouri.

The logistics for Belton County consist of 25 students in both middle and high schools that will be required to give a urine sample and be randomly tested each month.

If a student fails a test, they are immediately suspended from their activity, lose their parking pass and are offered counseling. Also as a results of a failed test, the student will be automatically tested again the following month and if there are three positive drug tests, it would result in the student getting permanently suspended from the activity.

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Before understanding what makes a paternity test a legal version, we must discover what DNA Paternity Testing is. DNA testing for paternity helps determines the biological father of a child and is 99.9% accurate.

Each and every person inherits our DNA from our biological parents. 50% of our DNA comes from our Mother and 50% from our Father. Paternity DNA tests compares a child's DNA pattern with that of the assumed father to determine if there is a match. It is important to remember that when you a requesting any DNA test to be performed, you research and utilize an experienced, accredited laboratory, which will provide the most definitive proof of a biological relationship.

When Should I Use A Legal DNA?

We recommend that individuals choose a legal DNA test when results are needed specifically for a court or legal related issues.

Common reason for a legal DNA Test can include:

  • Paternity Disputes,
  • Modifications to a Birth Certificate
  • Child Support
  • Child Custody
  • Adoption
  • Wills/Insurance
  • Immigration

Legal DNA testing requires specific chain of custody procedures to ensure that the results may be utilized in a legal proceeding.

Some examples include:

  • Legal Name
  • Date Of Birth
  • SS number (last 4)
  • Government Issued Photo ID**
  • Signed Chain of Custody Form (donors and collector)
  • Collector Statement
  • Collection Facility Information
  • Collection Process

Certified collectors complete all paperwork and ID Procedures at time of collection. All patients must be positively identified, and a Client Identification and Consent Form must be completed for each patient.

** For individuals under 18 years of age, a photograph (taken at close distance) is required. This may be taken either at the time of collection or provided by the individual or guardian as a recent photo suitable for identification. We also recommend that the birth certificate and/or social security card is provided as additional supporting information.

**Special Note: Collectors should take a Thumbprint (Child Support Collections Only)

Once your specimen has been properly collected following all chain of custody procedures, your DNA samples will be sent securely in tamper-proof packaging to our accredited laboratory in Fairfield, Ohio where the DNA testing begins.

The laboratory technicians will carefully handle and prepare your DNA samples for processing. Each and every paternity test utilizing a cheek swab is processed two separate times in the lab and the results are meticulously checked by our scientists.

What is a NON-Legal DNA Test

In Hom DNA Kit 600x754 300x264

This method is best suited if you need accredited paternity answers fast, but do not require the results for legal reasons such as child support or custody. We offer out clients the option to order an at-home DNA paternity test kit from Accredited Drug Testing.

Our customer service team will ship the complete kit to you with collection instructions, then you may collect your DNA in the comfort of your own home with a simple cheek swab, and mail it directly to our CLIA-certified laboratory for processing.

Special Note: Home DNA testing is not regulated like Legal testing. Many online companies appear legitimate but farm out their tests to unregulated labs or ship your DNA samples out of the U.S. for cheaper processing. Be careful because cheap testing often means cheap testing methodsdon't take a chance on your life-changing paternity test.

Step 1: Call Accredited Drug Testing to Get Started, or Order Online.

We will explain the entire process, and make sure you get the RIGHT test for your personal situation. Accredited Drug Testing will ship the DNA collection kit right to your door.

Step 2: Collect your DNA

It's easy to collect a DNA sample with a simple cheek swab. Use the prepaid envelope included in your kit to submit your DNA or send it via first-class USPS or courier service.

Step 3: Receive Results Online

All specimens are processed two times to ensure accurate results. No other DNA testing laboratory takes this extra step for every paternity test. Once your results are released, Accredited Drug Testing will securely email your results electronically.

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Which One is Better For You?

Urine Drug Testing

There are many pros and cons of urine drug testing, however urine drug tests are by far the most common test that dates back to 1966 invented by Germen biochemist Manfred Donike. Urine drug tests are one of the least inexpensive drug tests and you are able to get your results back quickly usually between 3-5 business days. This test is noninvasive and can detect for a variety of different substances.

Some of the most common use of a urine drug test today is for pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, post accident and many more. As mentioned, different substances can be detected in urine and at different times. Here is a guide of some of the substances and detection times urine can discover: (This is a guide only)

  • Alcohol: 3-5 days in urine
  • Amphetamines: 1-3 days in urine
  • Barbiturates: 2-4 days in urine
  • Benzodiazepines: 3-6 weeks in urine
  • Cannabis: 7-30 days in urine
  • Cocaine: 3-4 days in urine
  • Codeine: 1 day in urine
  • Heroin: 3-4 days in urine
  • LSD: 1-3 days in urine
  • MDMA (ecstasy): 3-4 days in urine
  • Methamphetamine (crystal meth): 3-6 days in urine
  • Methadone: 3-4 days in urine
  • Morphine: 2-3 days in urine

Despite the pros of urine tests there are some cons. To begin with, urine tests can be easier to alter the results and, in some ways, cheat the test. For example, certain substances can only be detected between 1-5 days, it is feasible to be able to flush out the substance(s) from your system.

However, an over consumption of water to flush out the toxins in your body can cause a Diluted result on your test that will show up. Along with other ways individuals might try to skew urine test results, some may administer monitored urine tests and randomized tests to obtain the most effective results.

Hair Follicle Test

A hair follicle test or more commonly known as a Hair drug test also has some pros and cons. One of the primary advantages of a hair test is that substance(s) can be detected on a larger time scale going back as far as 90 days. This is because the chemical in the drugs gets into the blood stream becoming part of the hair cells as your hair grows. Another advantage of a hair test is that it illuminates essentially all possibilities to cheat. Hair tests are slightly more costly than urine tests, however the results can't be altered or can't be flushed out of your system. Many people prefer a hair test because the accuracy compared to a urine test is substantially higher.

Although, hair tests have many pros there are a few disadvantages. Hair tests can take up to 7-10 business days to get the results back. Also, in order to do a hair test you must have at least 1.5-inch of hair to be cut off in person and sent to the lab. Due to the rate of hair growth, drugs won't be able to be detected until 5-7 days after use. The hair follicle is taken from the root of the scalp and a 1.5-inch follicle can date back up to 3 months. Over all a hair test can offer a cheat-proof alternative to a urine test to get the most effective results.

Which test is better for you?

Always keep in mind that all non-negative tests that are sent to the lab go under further review and confirmation tests are done before given a confirmed result. The end result is given by the MRO (Medical Review Officer) who evaluates drug test results and confirms what the final result is. If you are looking for a faster result and want to detect drugs in a short time period, a urine test might be better for you. However, always keep in mind of all the possibilities someone can alter the results in a urine test. If you are looking for more accurate results that can detect drugs dating back months at a time and are able to provide a hair sample of 1.5-inch, a hair follicle test is better for you.

If you need a urine test or hair follicle test for any reason occupation, personal, medical or legal, we can provide that for you nationwide! If you want more information or would like to schedule a Urine test click here or if you would like more information or would like to schedule on a Hair Drug Test click here.

For more information on drug tests, results or would like to order a test over the phone give me a call today at (800) 221-4291 or email us at

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Winnipeg drivers asked to voluntarily submit DNA sample for drug testing at check point

Oct. 17 2016

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WINNIPEG It was an unusual roadside check point that had left some Winnipeggers wondering what their information may be used for.

In the early morning hours of Sept. 8, drivers were being checked at a roadside stop on Century Avenue and asked the standard have you been drinking question by Winnipeg police officers.

However, the conversation that followed is what left some drivers concerned.

Once drivers were cleared by police, they were solicited complete a voluntary survey.

We are asking for your help in a voluntary driver safety survey that deals with alcohol, drugs and driving, read a part of the survey obtained by Global News. (You will be asked) to provide a breath sample to measure the amount of alcohol in your system¦ If the test shows that you are over the legal limit, you will be asked to let a non-impaired passenger drive, or we will provide you with a free taxi ride to your destination.

Volunteers were handed a tablet which contained several survey questions. Some examples were, have you been drinking anything tonight, when was the last time you used heroin, and when was the last time you used cocaine.

Many motorists claimed that after the breathalyzer the really invasive part of the survey began and volunteers where handed a saliva swab and were given the instructions of putting the swab under their tongue until the sensor turns blue.

MPI said it is using the samples to test for drug usage and are trying to determine a baseline before marijuana use is legalized in Canada.

The goal is to get 1,200 surveys, said MPI spokesperson Brian Smiley. From those 1,200 we'll have a very firm baseline in terms of what actually is happening out there and the impact legalization may have on impaired driving in Manitoba.

MPI said all information is voluntary and remains anonymous.

Participants were given a $10 gift certificate, provided by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, for taking the survey.

MPI said they will be conducting these surveys every Wednesday through Saturday until the end of September. They will be conducted in Winnipeg, Brandon, Thompson, Steinbach and Portage la Prairie.

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