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Accredited Drug Testing provides DOT Physicals at test centers in all cities Nationwide for all DOT modes including FMCSA, USCG, FAA, FRA, PHMSA and FTA

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The Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires that all drivers holding a CDL license must have a DOT physical, complete a medical examination report and successfully complete all requirements of the DOT physical to be issued a CDL medical card, the card is valid for 24 months and must be renewed every 2 years with a physical.

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Accredited Drug Testing, Inc. provides DOT and non-DOT physicals nationwide at most drug testing centers and our affiliated medical facilities. All DOT physicals are administered by an examiner trained and certified by FMCSA. Testing centers are located in most cities and within minutes of your home or office.

DOT Physical Examination

Federal Law and DOT regulations state that any covered employee such as a CDL driver must possess a valid medical card demonstrating that they have successfully passed a DOT Physical examination and complied with all other requirements of DOT regulation part 40 to be eligible to drive.

Accredited Drug Testing, Inc. can schedule your DOT or non DOT physical examination at a location close to you, insure that all required documentation is completed and that you are issued a CDL medical card upon successfully passing the exam.

Recommended items to bring to your DOT physical:

Persons should also be prepared to discuss with the FMCSA certified examiner your health history including past or recent illnesses or other information related to your physical exam.

NON DOT Physicals/Examinations

Accredited Drug Testing, Inc. can also provide through our nationwide testing locations and affiliated medical facilities non DOT physicals for job fitness, return to duty and follow up.

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