Alcohol Tests

Alcohol Testing 2

Alcohol Testing

Accredited Drug Testing provides alcohol testing utilizing urine, breath, and saliva methods. With testing centers in all cities Nationwide and in most cases within minutes of your home or office.

Alcohol Testing is administered for court ordered (ETG), DOT random and post-accident testing and other reasons an employer or individual may need an Alcohol Test.

To schedule an alcohol test call (800) 221-4291 or online 24/ 7.

Alcohol Detection Periods

The detection period for alcohol testing is generally the following:

Breath Alcohol

Current / Immediate

ETG Urine

80 Hours

Standard Urine

8 hours

Whether you want to detect current alcohol impairment, recent alcohol consumption, or alcohol usage within the past 3 days, ADT centers offer the testing services that fit your needs.

Alcohol tests are administered for a variety of different reasons and greatly differ from drug tests. Drug tests (those that analyze samples of hair and urine) attempt to detect usage of illegal drugs over a lengthy time period, generally ranging from a week to several months. However, alcohol tests are aimed at detecting consumption of a legal though regulated substance within a much shorter timeframe.

Rather than testing for past usage, an alcohol drug test will register only the immediate presence of alcohol in the human body. According to the Surgeon General, alcohol and substance abuse is one of the most pressing public health concerns and testing for alcohol and substance abuse can help address these public health concerns.

Breath Alcohol Drug Test

Otherwise known as a breathalyzer, Breath Alcohol Test (BATs) make frequent appearances in sitcoms and crime shows. That is because they are quite commonly used given that the test is easy to administer and provides nearly instantaneous results. Police officers rely on breathalyzer exams to detect when drivers are on the road and above the legal alcohol limit. Because BATs provide only a current-moment snapshot of the body's blood alcohol content, they should only be administered when someone is required to be sober at the current time. Such cases would include driving a vehicle or operating heavy machinery.

Accredited Drug Testing centers are dedicated to providing accurate results every time. For that reason, our certified staff only administers DOT-approved Evidential Breath Testing devices (EBTs). Procedures are meticulously controlled to ensure that all results are admissible in a court of law.

DOT only permits a breath alcohol test. Urine alcohol tests are not permitted by the Department of Transportation. Therefore, a DOT regulated employee would take a 5 panel DOT urine test but only a breath alcohol test if required.

Urine Alcohol Drug Test

Finally, for rare cases an EtG exam will be administered to determine if alcohol has been consumed over a 5 day period. EtGs are typically reserved for individuals undergoing a court-ordered sobriety or alcohol rehabilitation program.

Saliva/Oral Fluid Alcohol Test

Accredited Drug Testing also offers a saliva specimen alcohol test in addition, to breath and urine testing. Oral fluid alcohol test can provide immediate results or if requested can be sent to certified laboratory for analysis

Confidential alcohol drug tests can be conducted at any location utilizing the Accredited Drug Testing mobile on-site program service.

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