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Which One is Better For You?
Urine Drug Testing
There are many pros and cons of urine drug testing, however urine drug tests are by far the most common test that dates back to 1966 invented by Germen biochemist Manfred Donike. Urine

Oak Lawn Man Arrested After Selling Ecstasy Drug Over SnapChat
March 9, 2016
An Oak Lawn man was arrested after arranging to sell 1,000 Ecstasy pills to an undercover police officer. An Illinois State Policy officer contacted the suspect through the social

Teen Dies of Overdose of New Type of Ecstasy Called MasterCard

An English teen died after taking a type of ecstasy, called “MasterCard,” according to police officials, who issued a dire warning Monday to anyone considering popping the deadly pills.

The young

FedEX Driver Who Hit California Highway Patrol Officer Arrested for DUI

A FedEx truck driver who struck and seriously injured a California Highway Patrol officer in Sacramento has been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Gregory Anthony Ramirez, 41, of

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