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Could the DOT Start Testing for Sleep Apnea?
April 8, 2016

The Department of Transportation is seeking public comment whether it should mandate sleep tests that had not been recommended by the National Transportation Safety Board. The DOT looks to understand the impacts

Florida Voters Legalize Medical Marijuana
Nov 14 2016

Florida voters approved a state constitutional amendment Tuesday November 8, 2016 to legalize medical marijuana.  This amendment will broaden access to marijuana beyond the limited therapeutic uses approved by the legislature two years ago.


What is KetamineKetamine is categorized as a dissociative anesthetic. A dissociative anesthetic is a drug that distorts perception of sight and sound and produces feelings of detachment or dissociation from the environment and self. On the streets, the drug is sold as

Teens Buying Nicotine Online
April 11, 2016

Selling tobacco products to minor is illegal in the United States, but that hasn’t stopped online stores from selling nicotine-infused liquids to use with electronic cigarettes. Big tobacco companies, including Altria Group Inc, Lorillard Tobacco

The United States Coast Guard has announced today that the minimum random drug testing rate for all “Covered” employees will remain at 25% effective January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018.  It is also important to note that call

Senate Democrats want Pilot-Rest Provision in FAA Bill
April 20, 2016

As both sides of the aisle try to push the Federal Authorization Administration (FAA) reauthorization bill through, Senate Democrats are looking to add on a pilot rest provision.  Sens. Barbara Boxer

2017 will bring some new drug testing requirements for the Salt Lake City Police Department. The Salt Lake City Police Department will introduce random drug testing for its officers commencing January 2017.

The formal decision was communicated by SLCPD

How Long Will My Drug Test Results Take?
Many of our customers, clients, and industry partners ask us about the typical life or process of a drug test.  There are several factors that play a role in the cycle of

Finding a Job is Harder for A Smoker

A recent study suggests unemployed smokers have more difficulty finding a job, and tend to earn less money when they find one than their smoke-free counterparts.

Among unemployed people in the San Francisco Bay

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