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A New Direction on Drugs
Michael Botticelli says the old war on drugs is all wrong, and wants to refocus the U.S. drug policy
June 13 2016

The following is a script from "A New Direction on Drugs" which aired on Dec. 13, 2015,

Drug Testing for Unemployment Benefits
Sep 26 2016

After four years of the initial law being passed, which would allow states to drug test applicants for federal unemployment payments, The Ready to Work Act of 2016 bill was passed by Chairman Kevin

Senate Democrats want Pilot-Rest Provision in FAA Bill
April 20, 2016

As both sides of the aisle try to push the Federal Authorization Administration (FAA) reauthorization bill through, Senate Democrats are looking to add on a pilot rest provision.  Sens. Barbara Boxer

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So What Are Drug Testing Cutoff Levels Anyway?
Jon Jones Fails Drug Test, Rumored Stripped UFC Title As Result
Trump Declares Opioid Epidemic State of Emergency

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DEA Say’s “NO” To Marijuana
Aug. 12 2016

Marijuana activists who hoped the number of US states progressing towards the legalization of medical marijuana would soften the federal stance on the drug faced a setback Thursday as the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced that

April Award Winner
Today, Accredited Drug Testing Inc President/CEO James Greer announced the winners of our monthly customer service and sales award. Recognized for providing our clients with assistance and a commitment to our company’s goals of providing drug, alcohol and DNA testing

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