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Accredited Drug Testing has been recognized as one of the "Top 10 drug testing companies" for excellent customer service and we have received TPA Accreditation from the National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association. We are active in all drug testing industry associations and our staff are trained and certified as drug and alcohol testing specialists.

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Drug, Alcohol and DNA Testing Centers, Ansley, MS

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Accredited Drug Testing, Inc. provides Drug, Alcohol and DNA Testing at testing centers in Ansley, MS and the surrounding areas. To schedule a test call (800) 221-4291 or online 24/7. Testing is available for employers and individuals and most Ansley, MS drug testing centers are within minutes of your home or office. Same day service is available and no appointment is needed in most cases.

Drug, Alcohol, DNA Testing Methods And Services

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Testing purposes can include pre-employment, random, post-accident, court ordered probation, school programs and personal reasons. DOT and non-DOT drug and alcohol testing is available. Testing centers offer 5, 7, 9, 12 and 14 panel drug screenings and all drug tests are analyzed by a SAMHSA Certified laboratory and all test results are verified by a licensed Medical Review Officer. Instant result testing is also available at most testing centers. Drug and Alcohol testing methods can include urine, hair, ETG, breath alcohol (BAC), blood and oral saliva. The detection period for drug and alcohol use is determined by the testing methods and the laboratory analysis utilized. Testing services are administered by trained and certified drug and alcohol testing technicians at all of our Ansley, MS Drug Testing Centers.

Mobile/On-site Drug and Alcohol Testing

We come to you! In addition to our testing centers in Ansley, MS and the surrounding areas, we also provide on-site drug and alcohol testing services utilizing our mobile/on-site unit for construction sites, hospitals, schools, roadside locations. When sending your employees to a drug testing center is not cost effective or a person cannot go to a testing center, our on-site mobile testing service may be a valuable option to consider. Please call us for additional information 800-221-4291.

DOT Testing and Services

Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol testing is provided at our Ansley, MS testing centers for FMCSA, FAA, FRA, FTA, PHMSA, USCG and all Federally Regulated employers who have safety sensitive employees covered by DOT 49, CFR Part 40. Additional DOT services available include: Consortium membership (random testing pool), Supervisor Training, DOT Physicals and DOT drug policy development. Accredited Drug Testing can provide all services which will ensure compliance with the DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Regulations.

DNA Testing

DNA testing is provided for various purposes including paternity, child custody, immigration and other legal proceedings. The DNA test is 99.9% accurate and is a simple swabbing of the mouth process. All DNA tests are analyzed by certified AABB laboratories and can be utilized in any legal proceeding.

Testing Centers located throughout

3068 PORT AND HARBOR DR 3.2 miles

Categories: BAY ST LOUIS MS

603 HIGHWAY 90 STE 2 3.2 miles

603 HIGHWAY 90 STE 2

308 HIGHWAY 90 STE I 7.5 miles

Categories: WAVELAND MS

12085 HIGHWAY 603 8.3 miles

12085 HIGHWAY 603
Categories: BAY ST LOUIS MS

149 DRINKWATER RD 10.0 miles


130 HIGHLAND PKWY 10.9 miles

Categories: PICAYUNE MS

4540 SHEPHERD SQ 12.3 miles


4402 E ALOHA DR STE 16 12.4 miles

4402 E ALOHA DR STE 16

3090 GAUSE BLVD E STE 209 15.1 miles

Categories: SLIDELL LA

16230 HIGHWAY 603 STE G 15.2 miles

16230 HIGHWAY 603 STE G
KILN, MS 39556
Categories: KILN MS

In addition to our Drug, Alcohol and DNA testing centers located in Ansley, MS and the surrounding areas, Accredited Drug Testing also has testing centers located in most cities throughout the State of . Call us today to find the closest testing center near you.

Scheduling a Drug, Alcohol or DNA Test is fast and easy, call us today or click the express scheduling button.


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Handy Resources

Comprehensive Online Resources for Drug Testing

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    Provides comprehensive information on drug testing and its role in substance use disorder treatment.

  2. FDA: Drug Testing

    Explains the FDA's role and regulations concerning drug testing for consumers.


    Provides detailed drug information and safety updates through a mobile-friendly platform.

  4. BeSafeRx - FDA

    Resource by the FDA to help consumers identify and choose safe online pharmacies.

  5. SAMHSA: Drug Testing Resources for the Workplace

    Resources and guidelines for drug testing in the workplace.


    Provides drug information, side effects, and interactions for consumers and professionals.

  7. Drug Abuse Screening Test (DAST)

    Online version of the DAST to help individuals assess whether they have a drug problem.

  8. Merck Manuals

    Consumer-friendly medical resource providing comprehensive information on a wide array of health topics, including drug testing.

  9. SAMHSA Store

    Provides access to resources and publications on substance use prevention and treatment.

  10. National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP)

    Information on state boards of pharmacy and regulations, including those related to drug testing.

  11. CDC: Workplace Health Promotion

    CDC's resources on substance use and drug testing in the workplace.

  12. Mayo Clinic: Drug Testing

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  13. MedlinePlus: Drug Testing

    Offers information about various drug tests and their uses in medical diagnosis and treatment.

  14. University of Rochester Medical Center Health Encyclopedia

    Provides a detailed entry on drug testing, including how tests are conducted and what they detect.

  15. World Health Organization (WHO)

    International guidelines and information on public health, including substance abuse and drug testing.

  16. Healthline: Drug Testing

    Consumer health site offering information on how drug tests work and what they look for.

  17. WebMD: Drug Testing

    Provides a patient-oriented overview of drug testing and its purposes.

  18. National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)

    Provides a vast database of scientific studies, including research on drug testing and its effectiveness.

AI Overview

Overview of Drug, Alcohol, and DNA Testing

Drug, alcohol, and DNA testing are three distinct types of biomedical tests that serve important roles in healthcare, legal, employment, and personal settings. Each type of testing helps in making informed decisions, ensuring safety, and understanding genetic information. Here, we explore the purposes and applications of these tests in a consumer context.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and alcohol testing are commonly used to detect the presence of illicit substances or alcohol in an individual's system. These tests are crucial in various professional and legal scenarios to ensure safety and compliance with regulations.

  • Drug Testing: Typically involves analyzing urine, blood, hair, or saliva to detect illegal drugs or misuse of prescription medications. Common in employment settings, particularly for positions involving public safety, and in compliance with legal requirements such as those enforced by the Department of Transportation (DOT).
  • Alcohol Testing: Measures blood alcohol content (BAC) through breath, blood, or urine tests. This is essential for enforcing drinking and driving laws, workplace policies, and in treatment programs for alcohol misuse.

DNA Testing

DNA testing involves analyzing a person's genetic material to gather information about ancestry, identify genetic disorders, establish family relationships, or aid in forensic investigations.

  1. Ancestry and Genealogy: Helps individuals trace family roots and understand ethnic backgrounds.
  2. Medical Testing: Identifies genetic predispositions to certain health conditions, aiding in early diagnosis and management of diseases.
  3. Paternity and Relationship Testing: Determines biological relationships, commonly used in paternity disputes and adoption cases.
  4. Forensic Testing: Assists in criminal investigations by identifying suspects or victims through genetic fingerprints.

Applications and Importance

These tests play pivotal roles in various sectors:

  • Healthcare: Drug and DNA testing contribute to diagnosing diseases, managing treatment plans, and preventive health care.
  • Legal and Forensic: Crucial in legal proceedings, including criminal justice, custody cases, and legal determinations of impairment.
  • Employment: Employers utilize drug and alcohol testing to ensure a safe and productive workplace, especially in industries where safety is paramount.

In summary, drug, alcohol, and DNA testing provide essential data that helps protect public safety, enforce laws, and uncover important personal and health information. Each type of testing is governed by specific standards to ensure accuracy, privacy, and ethical handling of results.

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Ansley is an unincorporated community in Hancock County, Mississippi, United States. It is located approximately 11 mi (18 km) west of Bay St. Louis.

Ansley was established as a flag stop on the Louisville and Nashville Railroad (L&NRR), which was constructed between New Orleans, Louisiana and Mobile, Alabama during 1869 and 1870. The community derived its name from M.M. Ansley, who was a railroad maintenance official for the L&NRR.

During the early years after its establishment, Ansley was a postal village.

Because of its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and 7-foot (2.1 m) elevation, Ansley was reported to be destroyed by the tidal surge from Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

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