Why Drug Testing is necessary

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Why Drug Testing is necessary

Late last year in December of 2020, a DOT truck driver, Jordan Alexander Barson, 45, left his home for work and little did he know, that after leaving the house that day, his life would never be the same again. Several miles away 5 cyclists, all who had families, would leave there home never to return again. While Jordan Alexander Barson spent years clean from drugs, this would be the day that he relapsed on meth. Mr. Barson, was approximately 60 miles south of Las Vegas, Nevada, when he embarked on one of his routine trucking routes for the company that he was working for. While high on meth, his vehicle approached a group of 20 cyclists on the side of the road and when through them, killing 5 people. December 10th 2020, was a very sad day for the state of Nevada. Fast forward to now, and Jordan Alexander Barson is currently facing 40 years in prison.

The sad thing is that this was avoidable. While the article below, states that he just started using Meth again, there is no telling when he started or if he is telling the truth or not. Also, there is no telling who at work might of seen him and did not speak up. While many employers drug test their employees, not all of them have or even KNOW that such services exist like reasonable suspicion training or random drug testing. These types of services save companies 100’s of millions of dollars Nationwide and are pivotal to not only protecting your company, but most importantly protecting and saving lives.

IF YOU ARE AN EMPLOYER AND ARE READING THIS, YOU CAN MAKE A CHANGE!. Currently, Accredited Drug Testing offers random drug testing services NATIONWIDE, reasonable suspicion training, breath alcohol tests, and even drug and alcohol policies so that you can do these services and be protected legally!

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