Welcome Our Newest Team Members

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Welcome Our Newest Team Members


Here at Accredited Drug Testing, we pride ourselves not only on the services we offer but the people we bring on board. When it comes to business, our clients are our everything and it is important that when they call us, they ALWAYS get 5-star service. Below are 6 new employees that we recently brought on board to complement our already amazing staff. Here are some fun facts about them.


She is an FL native. She has 3 kids that keep her busy. The ages are 14, 12, and 10. Lacey loves watching movies, reading, going to the beach, going to concerts, and traveling. Her favorite foods are Italian & Mexican.


She loves cooking and house decorating. She has 2 nephews that she watches almost every day, one is 3 and one is 1 years old. Justice is originally from Charleston, SC.


Her hobbies include fishing, going to the beach, and drawing occasionally.

A fun fact about Vannessa is that she is double-jointed.


Rey loves to play video games, watch sports, and spend time with family. 


She is goofy, friendly, easy to get along with, enjoys working for her family, and Accredited Drug Testing is one of the best jobs she has had so far.


       A couple of facts about JoMelli are that she loves to sing, is very competitive in sports, loves to write poetry and write stories, and is a passionate book reader. Also, in her free time, she loves to act out how she would compete on Wheel of Fortune and The Voice.


To learn more about the services we offer, and to speak with one of the friendly faces above, call us at (800) 221-4291.

And remember,

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