Smoking on flight, leads to 51 dead

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While marijuana legalization is definitely a popular trend that is spreading like wildfire throughout the country. Earlier this month, Amazon stated that, for some of their jobs that they will no longer test for marijuana. However, a conversation recently came up that there are groups who are lobbying to make sure that DOT (department of defense) which consist of FMCSA, FRA, FAA, PHSMA, FTA, and USCG, in which this consists of our pilots, train conductors, truck drivers, and other safety-sensitive positions. Will be allowed to smoke marijuana and hold their positions while they are under the influence of marijuana. Many people forget that, back in 2019 in Kathmandu, Nepal, a pilot was smoking a cigarette in the cockpit which ultimately led to the plane crashing and killing 51 people in total. This was not only sad but while the article in the link below states that it was a cigarette, who’s to say that this type of irresponsible behavior can’t come over to the United States? Plus not to mention, imagine if marijuana gets legalized for pilots, train conductors, and truck drivers, how much that will hurt the transportation industry. Needless to say, regardless of what your stance is on marijuana, it not only has a physical affect on people, but there have been studies that when people smoke marijuana and operate a vehicle, it can delay their reaction, thus leading to accidents, injury, and even death. Even very pro-marijuana and liberal states such as California, do not allow you to operate a vehicle while under the influence of marijuana.

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If the story makes you upset, IT SHOULD! Please be sure to speak with your local lawmakers in your state to express your feelings on the possibilities of marijuana being legal for Department of Transportation workers. Your voice is powerful and can make a major change.


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