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On-Site Drug Testing Alliance, NC

Time is money, we can come to you. Accredited Drug Testing provides on-site drug testing services in Alliance, NC and throughout the local area for employers who need drug or alcohol testing at their place of business or other location. On-site drug testing methods include urine drug testing, hair drug testing, oral saliva drug testing and breath alcohol testing. Both instant drug test results and laboratory analyzed testing is available. Testing purposes can include pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion and post-accident.

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Drug Test Screening Panels Available In Alliance, NC

We offer a 5-panel drug test, which screens for the following:

We offer a 10-panel drug test which screens for the following:

We offer a 12-panel drug test which screens for the following:

** Customized drug testing panels such as bath salts, synthetic marijuana, steroids and other drugs are also available.

Urine or Hair On-site Drug Testing In Alliance, NC – You Choose!

Our on-site drug testing services in Alliance, NC include urine drug testing, which has a detection period of 1-5 days and hair drug testing which has a detection period of up to 90 days. Negative test results are generally available in 24-48 hours, when analyzed by our SAMHSA Certified Laboratories. Negative instant test results are available immediately, non-negative test results require laboratory confirmation.

Why Use On-Site Drug Testing in Alliance, NC?

Time is money and when sending an employee to one of our many drug testing centers in Alliance, NC would cause disruption to your business operations or affect your employees work productivity, conducting on-site drug testing will eliminate these issues.

Who Uses On-Site Drug Testing?

Are you a DOT Regulated Company?

Accredited Drug Testing has trained and qualified collectors who also specialize in providing on-site drug testing services for all DOT modes to include:

Additional DOT Services:

How To Schedule On-Site Drug Testing In Alliance, NC?

Step 1 - Call our on-site coordinator at (800)221-4291

Step 2 - Have at least 10 employees needing to be tested (recommended)

Step 3 - Provide the date, location and time of the requested on-site drug testing services

In addition to on-site drug testing in Alliance, NC, we also have drug testing centers available at the following locations.

1425 S GLENBURNIE RD 16.5 miles

NEW BERN, NC 28562
Categories: NEW BERN NC

1040 MEDICAL PARK AVE 16.6 miles

NEW BERN, NC 28562
Categories: NEW BERN NC

2205 BRICES CREEK RD 16.7 miles

NEW BERN, NC 28562
Categories: NEW BERN NC

790 CARDINAL RD 17.0 miles

NEW BERN, NC 28562
Categories: NEW BERN NC

5413 MORTON RD 17.6 miles

NEW BERN, NC 28562
Categories: NEW BERN NC

600 MOREHEAD AVE 19.6 miles


202 BLUFF CT 20.3 miles

NEW BERN, NC 28562
Categories: NEW BERN NC

1224 E MAIN ST 20.3 miles

1224 E MAIN ST
Categories: HAVELOCK NC

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Local Area Info: The People's Alliance (Durham, NC)

The People's Alliance (PA) is a progressive grassroots consumer watchdog organization in Durham, NC. It comprises three legally separate organizational entities: The People's Alliance, 501c(4) led by a steering committee, founded in 1975; The People's Alliance Fund, 501c(3) led by a board of directors, established in 1980; and The People's Alliance PAC a political action committee established in 1982. The group participates and funds local initiatives, particularly to help low-income families obtain access to quality education, housing, and transportation.

The People's Alliance (PA) was founded in October 1975. The founding members were activists, participants, and leaders in many political movements while in college in the 1960s and early 1970s. In 1978, members were typically white college graduates in their mid-20s to mid-30s working in white collar jobs. Many had actively opposed the Vietnam War and participated in the civil rights movement and women's equality and ecology movements. From the beginning, PA volunteers donated many hours of personal time to the organization.

The PA sponsors public and community forums and works with other grassroots organizations such as the Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People to jointly fund campaigns. Since its founding in 1975, PA has an extensive catalog of accomplishments.