Instant Hair Follicle Drug Testing Now Available In Orlando, Florida.

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April 20, 2021, Now in Orlando Florida located in Winter Park, right off Aloma Avenue, the leader of drug and alcohol testing, Accredited Drug Testing is now offering instant results for a hair follicle multi-panel drug test. Our goal is to save you time and money as we provide convenience to our customer base that has never been offered before. The benefits of doing an instant hair follicle test are:

•             Results in minutes.

•             Save money over traditional lab hair testing.

•             90-day window of detection.

•             Turn-key laboratory confirmation process.

Our goal in offering these services to the public is that we want to provide a convenience that has not been accomplished before. Often people who have important deadlines such as court dates, custody battles, or simply just want their answers faster, will need their requested results much faster than the standard 5-7 business days that are currently offered with other hair follicle testing sites. It is for this reason that our brand-new state-of-the-art, instant hair follicle test is so valuable because instead of waiting days for results as you risk missing deadlines, you will get the answer you need in just minutes. While the technology is still new, the results are 99.99% accurate. The types of drugs currently included in the test are:

•             Amphetamines

•             Barbiturates

•             Cocaine

•             Methamphetamine

•             Opiates

•             Oxycodone

•             PCP

In the near future Accredited Drug Testing will be adding:

•             Benzodiazepine

•             Marijuana

•             Buprenorphine

•             Fentanyl

•             Methadone

•             6-Monoacetylmorphine

To start this process, your collector will collect your hair and insert it into a vial with a dissolving solution. In step 2 your collector will insert your vial into the processor to run for 2 minutes. For the final step, your collector will pour the solution into the hair test device as you will get your results in 5 minutes. Onsite Drug testing is available for this same service throughout Florida.


Contact us today at (800) 221-4291 as we are located at 5931 Brick Court, Ste 100

Winter Park, FL 32792 and remember, “When You Need A Test, Choose The Best.”