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Hair Follicle Drug Testing Maurine, SD

Accredited Drug Testing Inc provides Hair Follicle drug testing Maurine, SD for individuals and employers needing a drug test utilizing the hair follicle analysis process. To schedule a hair follicle drug test in Maurine, SD, Call (800) 221-4291. Most testing centers are within minutes of your home or office.

Hair follicle drug testing Maurine, SD is available for 5, 10, and 12 panel drug screenings.

To schedule a Hair Follicle Drug Test at one of our testing centers in the Grady county area, Call (800) 221-4291, Same Day Service Available. Testing centers do not require an appointment, but you must call and register for the test.

Hair follicle drug testing is becoming a more popular method by employers and individuals in need of a drug test due to the detection time frame being longer than a standard urine test.

Local Hair follicle drug testing Maurine, SD centers are available to assist our clients throughout the entire process and all of our hair follicle drug testing Maurine, SD facilities have certified drug testing technicians available to conduct a hair follicle drug test collection.

Hair Follicle Drug Test

In recent years the method to conduct drug testing has more frequently included a hair follicle drug test. Many employers, courts and Substance Abuse Professional are requiring a hair follicle drug test instead of a standard urine test. Hair follicle drug tests are used by employers who have zero tolerance drug use policies, courts and individuals on probation. The primary benefit of a hair follicle drug test include a much longer detection period for drug use which typically is up to 90 days. However, when screening drug use within the last 5 days the urine test continues to be the most accurate test.

Hair Follicle Drug Test Process

The procedure used to perform a hair follicle test is simple, the drug testing specialist will cut approximately 120 strands of hair (not really a lot) utilize a chain of custody procedure and send the hair to a certified laboratory for analysis. Drug testing centers require at least 1.5 inches of hair to perform this test and the hair generally needs to come from the head, however if the donor does not have head hair certain testing centers can use hair from chest, leg or arm pit.

If a donor has no hair on their body, than a hair test cannot be performed!

Hair Follicle Drug Test Results

Once the hair follicles have been analyzed by a certified laboratory they will then be reviewed and then verified by a Medical Review Officer (licensed Physician) who will than release the results. Generally a negative hair follicle drug test result is available in 2-3 days. A non-negative hair follicle drug test is available in approximately 5 days.

Urine cut-off levels are expressed in nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL) or as a weight of drug per unit volume of urine. Hair cut-off levels are expressed in picograms per milligram (pg/mg) or as a weight of drug per unit weight of hair

5 Panel Hair Follicle Drug Test

The 5 panel hair follicle drug test screens for the following

5 Panel w/ Expanded Opiates Hair Follicle Drug Test

The 5 panel w/ expanded Opiates hair drug test screens for the standard 5 drugs but will also screen for Opiate class drugs such as pain killers, which may indicate abuse of prescription drugs

10 Panel Hair Follicle Drug Test

The 10 panel hair follicle drug test screens for the following

12 Panel Hair Follicle Drug Test

The 12 panel hair follicle drug test screens for the following

To schedule a Hair follicle Drug Testing Maurine, SD Call (800)221-4291.

Accredited Drug Testing Inc. is pleased to provide hair follicle drug testing, alcohol testing, occupational health and DNA testing services in Maurine, SD.

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