Accredited Drug Testing Now Offers Instant Hair Drug Testing Results

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Accredited Drug Testing, the nation’s leading provider of drug and alcohol testing for employers and individuals, is pleased to announce that it now offers instant result hair drug testing for mobile/onsite testing services and at many drug testing locations throughout the US.

The instant hair drug test continues to have a 90-day detection period and saves money and provides for laboratory confirmation when needed in the event of a non-negative result. The instant result drug hair test currently screens for the following drugs, amphetamine, barbiturates, cocaine, methamphetamine, opiates, oxycodone and PCP. Additional screenings, which will be added in the future will include benzodiazepines, buprenorphine, fentanyl, marijuana and methadone.

While the instant result hair drug test does not replace the benefits of a laboratory analyzed hair test, it does provide significant benefits for an employer or individual, including court-ordered drug testing when the result is negative.

Company President James A. Greer stated, “With hair testing being utilized more and more, employers and courts now have the ability to offer a rapid result hair drug test which will provide more options including, convenience and cost savings when needing a longer detection period than a urine drug test provides.”

Accredited Drug Testing is currently offering the instant result hair drug test in the following cities:

Local Drug Testing Miami, FL

Local Drug Testing Orlando, FL

Local Drug Testing Tampa, FL

Local Drug Testing Jacksonville, FL

Local Drug Testing Atlanta, GA

Local Drug Testing Los Angeles, CA

Local Drug Testing Chicago, IL

Local Testing New York, NY

Local Drug Testing Phoenix, AZ

Local Drug Testing Philadelphia, PA

Local Drug Testing San Antonio, TX

Local Drug Testing San Diego, CA

Local Drug Testing Dallas, TX

Local Drug Testing San Jose, CA

Local Drug Testing Denver, CO

Local Drug Testing Houston, TX

Accredited Drug Testing is a Nationally accredited TPA with over 10,000 company-owned and affiliated collection sites providing drug, alcohol, DNA testing, DOT drug testing, DOT consortium enrollment, court-ordered drug testing, background checks, occupational health testing and clinical testing.

For more information regarding the instant drug hair test or other services provided, please contact Douglas Smith at (800) 221-4291.