10 Reasons your company NEEDS drug testing!

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1. Lower drug use among employees.

Having a company drug testing program not only helps employees who are having issues with substance abuse, but it also leads to higher recovery rates for those who choose to go through a drug treatment program.


2. Prevents hiring for those who use illegal drugs.

During the beginning stages of the hiring process, for those who use illegal substances are less likely to apply for jobs where they know an employer will require a drug test. Also, this can help the employer find better quality candidates during the recruiting process and therefore reducing risk of injury, lawsuits, and death.


3. Increase’s productivity.

Having a company random Drug testing program can help reduce unscheduled leave and absenteeism.


4. Improves employee retention.

For a person who is an illegal drug user, it is very often that they frequently change jobs. However, having a program that can help employees who test positive for illegal drugs will make them not only improve their health, but also they will have a deeper appreciation for the company.


5. Improve safety on the job.

Nothing screams lawsuit like an employee who is hurt on the job. This is not just from drugs but also from alcohol where one and five employees say that, because of their coworkers drinking, they have been put in danger or injured on the job.


6. Improves brand image.

When investors and consumers are aware that your company has a random drug testing program in place, and not only puts people at ease but it boosts the companies quality of work and reputation. When it comes to customers, they are less likely to encounter an employee who is under the influence.


7. Comply with local, state, and federal laws. 

Certain federal laws govern drug tests and programs in the United States. State regulations may also apply to your business. It is important to ensure your company's drug-testing program is in compliance with all applicable laws.


8. Protects customers and the public.

Employees who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs may have Unpredictable and inappropriate behavior that can rupture your brands' image. Employees who hoist this type of behavior or more likely to commit crimes while on the job. When you have a random drug testing program set in place, it can protect your business from liability for any damages that could result from an intoxicated employee.


9. Reduces employee healthcare and insurance expenses.

By reducing the use of drugs and alcohol in your workforce, you also reduce the chances of injuries and illnesses related to substance use. This can mean lower worker’s compensation premiums and fewer days of medical leave.



10. Helping employees struggling with substance dependence and addiction

Depending on your company’s policies, testing positive for illicit substances on the job can result in consequences or termination. In many cases, however, employers choose to avoid the cost of recruiting and training a new hire, and instead offer assistance to struggling employees. This may include providing resources and requiring that the employee seek rehabilitation services.


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